TIN HUEY Discography...

Tin Huey - Vinyl EP
Clone Records (1977)
Side A: Puppet Wipes, Cuyahoga Creeping Bent; Side B: Poor Alphonso (Live), The Tin Huey Story.

Breakfast With the Hueys - Vinyl 45
Clone Records (1978)
Side One: Robert Takes the Road to Lieber Nawash; Side Two: Squirm You Worm.

The Akron Compilation - Vinyl LP w/ "scratch-'n-sniff"
Stiff Records (1979)
included Chinese Circus

Contents Dislodged During Shipment - Vinyl LP
Warner Brothers Records (1979; reissued by Collector's Choice on CD, 2003)
Tin Huey-Contents Dislodged During Shipment

English Kids - Vinyl 45
Clone Records (1980)
Side A: English Kids; Side B: Sister Rose.

Bowling Balls From Hell II - Vinyl LP
Clone Records (1981)
included "Wise Up" (Love?/You Must be Kidding)

disinformation - CD
Future Fossil/POS Records (1999)
Tin Huey - Disinformation
[Lyrics for disinformation]
[MP3 samples for disinformation]

Limited Edition-- Sneak Peak: The Obscurity Series - CD
Numbered, autographed, limited burning (120 copies); each cover unique.
(note: never shrink-wrapped)
Hueysounds (2004)
Tin Huey-Sneak Peak: The Obscurity Series

Tin Huey-Contents Dislodged During Shipment

Tin Huey - Disinformation

Ralph Carney-This is!

Chris Butler-Museum of Me

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