Definitely thermal Ipanema.

hooray mark is back!! wetter than ever!!                        
 love, ralph  

Yes, he is, Ralph, so much so that his new presentation to the Greater Canal 
Fulton Art History Society (the GCFAHS), "Definitely thermal Ipanema" will be 
the first creative writing submission on the Tin Huey "Our Flaked Cod" 
Creative writing 101 page. 

We've also been contacted by several impressive yet somewhat distracted men 
wearing brilliantine in their mustaches, inquiring ... nay dancing around 
questions about ... yes ... flat water. We've since moved to a small hovel on the 
fringes of town and applied for certain obscure government documents in order 
to insure the safety and public education of little Philo. Important things 
sometimes take small sacrifices. We all know that. 

- the editor

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