Vaaayyyyddddaaaaaa's havin' day dreams about night things!

am not, am not.table three needs toast.back hurts.trucker at the counter wants another water?...he's gonna piss for a week.

Vayda's havin' day dreams about doin' night things with the new owner!

ha.I won't fuck anyone I don't like no more. and what kind of a piss-poor excuse for a tycoon would buy up this piece-of-shit truck stop? Captain of kiss-my-fuckin'-ass Industry, that's who...

people talking tho'.rumors that there's gonna be layoffs.

shit.nobody knows nothin'.but they better not fuck with my overtime.four more payments and that hot tub is mine. Vayda and Mr. New Boss churning up a tidal wave?.hmmm.

Notice: to all employees of Route 80 Truck World
From: David Ziegler Associates
Re: 3pm meeting

As your new owner, I would like to extend a warm greeting to all our employees, and assure you that DZA - while new to the trucking industry - has every intention of maintaining the high quality of service your clients have come to expect from this facility. Back when I was in college, I stopped here once, and that memory has stayed with me over the years. I am looking forward to meeting all of you this afternoon. Please remember to bring all your personal possessions with you before assembling in the parking lot.


David Ziegler d/b/a David Ziegler Associates

can I ask you to pay up now, please? we're closing for an owner wants to meet us.or fire us, most likely.

Vayda.bring your sweater,'s still chilly.or it was when I first come in this morning.

it is chilly.and it's been overcast for days. a smoke? this is some fucked-up shit. repair shop's shut down, too. guy comes in here with an over-heating motor and I've got to tell him I can't get to it 'cause of some damn meeting?

Vayda.he's driving a Land Rover! If that car don't get you laid, there is no hope. Look, look.he's a cripple.all that money for a car that's still not easy to get out of?...shit. jeans and a flannel shirt.guess he's trying to's kinda old-fashioned long. my god..we've been bought by a motherfuckin' hippie! 30 years ago we used to kick the livin' shit outta them.

Good everybody out? All clear? Ladies and gentlemen, I need for you to step back another fifty feet, please.



i've got to log in that gas delivery.

Don't worry about it

but sir. you smell gas?.I smell gas.lots of gas.

Ladies and gentlemen, many of you are probably Christians, so if I remind you of the verse in Ecclesiastes that says "to everything, there is a season," you'll know what I'm talking about.right?

The explosion slammed Vayda's face into the pavement, breaking her front teeth. The restaurant's dried-out wood siding carried the flames over to the pump islands, which went off one after the other. A trucker worked a fire extinguisher trying to save his rig, but the fire had already melted all the tires on one side, and the trailer fell over on top of him.

"Motherfuckin' hippie", David Ziegler said under his breath, rubbing his leg. It hadn't bothered him for years, but old wounds tend to reappear as one ages.

--Chris Butler, 2006

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