Sick Jones - Aylward, Gold, Legnini, Austin
No place for the faint of heart, let me tell you
Punks are out in force, take your life away, let me tell you.
Got some chaos here, got some crime here
Gotta stop it now. Stop it dead in it's tracks.
Gonna step on it, gonna shoot some geeks. Step up the attack!

A band of aliens perish in the desert, who needs  ‘em?
The mandate stands, roll out your plans for a war on crime.

Young man's odds desperately lead to me now, 
Rescued from the debris
Tears flow, suspects turn on each other
Roll out your plan ... for a war on crime....

There's no limit to our hunger, rape and robbery become such a bore.
Set the traps for the howling dogs...this is a war... this is a war!

I'm not tongue-tied by this jam
Planting spies, and charging buffalo killed everyone
The cops want some radical action, 
there's highjackers in high water
The social register's worried sick about their kids, so full of love...
Who need's them? 
Let's use it!

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