Almost Transparent Blue - Aylward, Gold
Excellent. Almost perfect,
a true hit.
Sounds like a tune that you heard a thousand times before,
a true hit.
I flash a monkey grin and sing a song to you about my secrets.
And it's almost true.

How badly do you want to bring me in? 
A big decision.
You got your hook in my mouth, but first you better check on 
my condition.
Alarmed, alarmed! My respiration's so low at least 
I'm breathing,
and that's a present for you.

Honey try, hit some more.
It's gonna tie you up.... take the rug right off of the floor.
You see me, like I see you,
See what? 
See that. 
See, don't see.
It's almost blue...

It's like an old-fashioned alarm clock.
Keeps ringing, keeps ringing. 
It won't stop, it won't stop.
Walk out the door, let me die, let me sleep, stop your ringing.
You're talking rainbows to me, so now you want to see my visions,
Well you're not gonna see, well you're not gonna see.

Actually, I could use some improvements.
But unconventional me, I can't generate a little movement.
I thought your lesson was learned, 
but all you say is “That was perfect, a true hit.”
Well it's not for you....
It interrupts my flow....
Don't want excitement no more....
Just leave me here on the floor.

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